About Us

Hepa-Graff began providing professional cleaning services to large medical institutions in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, in 2002. Our owner, Wally Graff, was then developing property for a large local medical group. When he couldn’t find a local medical janitorial team trained in the sanitation of bloodborne pathogens and HIPAA and OSHA compliance, he decided to start one.

We have since grown to provide medical janitorial, commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services that include the best in carpet cleaning, flooring and upholstery cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, and housekeeping.

Filling the need for professional cleaning in the Eugene-Springfield community

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. Not only do we sanitize as we clean so that your home, office or clinic is hygienic and safe, we also afford you the peace of mind that your space is being cared for by experienced professionals who care about the quality of our work.

Our Dedicated Management Team

The Hepa-Graff Professional Cleaning managment team

Michelle Price, Vice President

Michelle was first hired at Hepa-Graff as an office assistant in 2012, and within her first year she grew to become one of the faces of our company. She is dedicated to cultivating our service offerings and products to best benefit our clients in Eugene and Springfield, and she is never afraid to get her hands dirty. Michelle is a fun-loving, humorous leader-by-example who loves to lift her employees up (which she could do literally, as she is also a power lifter and arm wrestler). She is always eager to visit our cleaning sites, whether they are post-construction properties or janitorial routes, to help support our employees and client needs. Family is very important to Michelle and she treats our crew like they are a part of her own.

Chris Simons, Daytime Service Manager

Chris started working with carpets when he was 16 years old, cleaning area rugs during summer break for a carpet cleaning company in his home state of California. He joined the Hepa-Graff team in 2008 after finishing school in Eugene. Chris is now a local Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT). He takes pride in his work and it shows in the exceptional service he provides each of our clients. Chris receives many referrals for his strip and waxing services, and rightly so! He is famed at Hepa-Graff for his ability to make an 80-year-old floor look like glass. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife, his four kids, and his dog, Orin.

Ted Hutchins, Janitorial/Construction Manager

Ted grew up in the Eugene-Springfield area and joined the navy shortly after graduating from high school. He sailed almost every ocean and visited more than nine countries in his service. He then worked in logging, the electrical industry and even owned his own construction company before he was hired at Hepa-Graff as a professional cleaner in 2009. His breadth of knowledge and experience in multiple industries cultivated the attention to detail, organization and commitment that earned him opportunities to work up quickly within our company. To this day, he works around the clock to be available to our clients. His ultimate concern is maintaining Hepa-Graff’s positive and productive relationship with the greater Eugene-Springfield community.

Eunice Diaz, Nighttime Service Manager

Eunice was born in Los Angeles, California, to a hard-working immigrant mother from El Salvador. She moved to Oregon when she was four and has been a proud Oregonian ever since. She began working at Hepa-Graff as a janitorial professional in 2014 and quickly moved up the ranks to Group Lead and then Night Service Manager. She is attentive to even the smallest of details within each job and her ability to communicate her vast cleaning knowledge to others makes her a wonderful teacher for new and experienced employees. Eunice’s prowess lies in preventing issues from happening and taking care of any that arise quickly. She enjoys the flexibility that her schedule at Hepa-Graff affords her to spend time with her loved ones, as well as the sense of community she has with her fellow employees.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity

We work very hard to give you a spotless clean, but if you should find a mistake, we’ll be right there to fix it. We use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and offer both quaternary disinfectant and eco-friendly cleaning products to provide you the best cleaning for your lifestyle.

Making our Client’s Day

At Hepa-Graff we believe firmly in the notion that our work is about more than money; it’s about doing what’s right and taking care of our clients. We aim above and beyond when we clean because we want our work to help you live well and enjoy your space.

Employee Appreciation

Each Hepa-Graff employee is a valued member of our extended family. Our professional cleaners have helped Hepa-Graff grow from a company of 4-6 people serving one organization to nearly 50 people serving companies and individuals across Lane County. We are always looking for ways to recognize, appreciate and support our employees in that significant contribution to our business and our community.

It’s a dirty world. Hepa-Graff is here to fix that problem.