Carpet, Flooring and Upholstery Cleaning

Hepa-Graff uses manufacturer-recommended hot water extraction to clean all carpet and upholstery. We also offer hard-surface floor cleaning services to keep your entire home or office looking its best.

Carpet Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Clients

Hepa-Graff Professional Cleaners Carpet Cleaning van at residential client's homeWe use the same great methods for our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to help you maintain your carpet’s warranty and to keep your carpet looking and feeling newer longer.

Hot water extraction is the safest technique for cleaning carpets, as it eliminates the need for carpet-damaging chemicals. With the power of our high-end van-mounted carpet cleaning tools, we remove 95% of the water used to clean your floor. Then the rest of the water dries quickly, without damaging the carpet fibers or the layers beneath them.

With multiple truck mounts, we can take care of your largest carpet cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. Our portable hot water extraction units then allow us to clean large homes or financial institutions behind securely closed and locked doors.

Certified Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Chris Graff (CCCT), Daytime Supervisor

Hepa-Graff’s Floor Service Manager, Chris Simons, is a Carpet Cleaning Certified Technician (CCT). He is enthusiastically dedicated to taking continuing education courses to stay informed about the latest carpet cleaning techniques. As our Daytime Service Manager, Chris ensures we provide the best clean for your home or office carpet.

How often should you clean your carpet?

When to clean residential carpets: Ideally, homeowners should have their carpets professionally cleaned every six months. If that seems too frequent for you, Hepa-Graff recommends cleaning carpets at least every 12-18 months.

Carpet warranties state expectations for professional carpet cleaning services. Check your carpet’s warranty to be sure you are meeting expectations for professional carpet cleaning.

Hepa-Graff certified carpet cleaning technician, Chris Graff, cleans a residential carpet. hot-water extraction carpet cleaning

When to clean commercial carpets: Commercial carpets see hundreds, if not thousands, more feet of traffic than residential carpets. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have the carpet cleaned at your business or office space quarterly; at least every six months.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions about any residential carpet cleaning needs!

Upholstery Cleaner in Lane County

Cleaning your upholstery is about more than removing stains from the fabric. Our cleaning technicians sanitize as we clean, removing body oils and odors, hair, skin cells, allergens, dust and more that you may not be able to see on your furniture.

A residential dining room cleaned by Hepa-Graff Professional Cleaning Services in Eugene, Oregon.Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services

Whatever furniture you need cleaned, whether it is a synthetic couch or waiting room chairs, Hepa-Graff will get the job done. Our microfiber cleaning techniques clean all furniture except those made with natural fibers like silk, wool or cotton.*

Our hot water extraction cleaning tool not only saves water, it also prevents damage to upholstery by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

* These kinds of upholstery fabrics need to be dry-cleaned to avoid shrinkage. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for this service in Eugene.

Floor Cleaning Services

a clean tile floor

In addition to carpet cleaning, we provide the following professional floor cleaning services:

    • Strip and waxing
    • Buffing
    • Mopping
    • Tile and grout steam cleaning and hand-cleaning

Top-of-the-Line Tools and Cleaning Products for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We use our industry experience and top-of-the-line cleaning tools to remove the toughest stains, including red wine and urine.

The HydraMaster Titan carpet cleaning machine.HydraMaster Titan 575 and CDS

Our HydraMaster™ System truckmounts are the workhorses of water-based carpet cleaning. We use a gentle but incredibly effective citrus solvent with these powerful machines for maximum cleaning power and minimal environmental impact. Our truck-mounted system helps us conserve water and allows us to run multiple wands at the same time to complete jobs more quickly.

HydraMaster RX20 Rotary Extraction Tool

A high-powered carpet cleaning tool cleaning residential carpetThis tool is a deep-cleaning, sanitizing machine! It’s got a scrubber with five rotating wands that make 650 cleaning rotations per minute to clean every carpet fiber from every angle. This tool is great for truly grungy dirty jobs.

HydraMaster Tornado

The Tornado is a high-powered vacuum with a three-stage filtration system that prevents dust from kicking back into the air. This extremely durable piece of commercial equipment helps us to remove even the smallest particles from your carpet, which improves air quality and reduces allergens in your home or office.

The Water Claw

The Water Claw is a hose attachment that concentrates our non-toxic, biodegradable enzyme treatment to masterfully extract urine out of your carpet and carpet pad. Its refined head removes as much of the stain from the soiled area as possible to provide the best results.

Green Cleaning Products

If you run a green household, or if you are interested in limiting the footprint your office has on the environment, we’re here to help! We offer tea-tree-oil-based and live-enzymatic cleaners, as well as Scotchgard™ cleaner to keep your space in pristine condition with minimum impact on the environment.

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